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Your homebuying journey starts here!

Being an educated homebuyer empowers you to navigate the complex real estate landscape with confidence and precision. It's not just about finding a house; it's about securing a home that meets your needs, aligns with your financial goals, and enriches your life for years to come. Knowledge truly is the key to a more successful and satisfying home-buying experience.

Home Start


Homebuyer’s MAP

Introducing the "Home Start©" program from Resurgent's — your first step towards smart homeownership. This comprehensive, first-tier buyer program is specially crafted to transform aspiring homebuyers into confident homeowners. Through our interactive training and consultant platform, you'll receive in-depth, self-guided, online, homebuyer education designed to demystify the home buying process. "Home Start©" equips you with the essential tools and knowledge needed to prepare for a loan, understand market dynamics, and navigate the complexities of real estate transactions effectively. Whether you're exploring your first home purchase or getting back into the market, our platform supports you at every step of your homeownership journey, ensuring you're ready to make informed decisions and secure the home of your dreams. 


for 3 months

Plan Features

  • 1st time home buyer video orientation  

  • Home Start©  1st time Homebuyer's Masterclass

  • Access to credit improvement program

  • Downloadable budget sheet

  • Apply for a loan

  • Graduate to Home Ready©

Go at your own pace
Graduate to
Home Ready©

Home Ready


Homebuyer’s MAP

Our "Home Ready©" portal is a dynamic homebuyer program crafted to transform prepared and motivated buyers into successful homeowners. For those who have graduated from the Home Start© Program or who have loan pre approval already. This interactive portal empowers you to seamlessly navigate your home buying journey.

From here add on transaction services and get access  to our online transaction portal, this portal provides access to property value reports, assists with preparing offers, and offers a range of add-on services to enhance your experience. You can chat with a licensed broker, apply for loans, connect with trusted vendor partners like closing attorneys and home inspectors.


per month.

 Cancel Anytime

Plan Features

  • Virtual homebuyers orientation

  • Homebuyer education course: Seal the Deal: Effective Strategies for Real Estate Offers and Negotiations

  • Budgeting tools and mortgage calculators

  • Access to search for up-to-date properties listings

  • New listings alerts

  • Build your transaction team

  • Book showings

  • Monthly Homebuyers Workshops

Ready submit online offers? Upgrade to

Home Ready Complete©

Wealth Builder

Investor’s MAP

The Wealth Builder Plan is specifically designed for those embarking on their real estate investment journey. Entering this program means you have successfully completed Home Start© and Home Ready©. This plan provides foundational tools and expert guidance to help novice investors navigate the complexities of real estate investments with confidence. Whether you're looking to make your first investment or build a small portfolio, our plan offers the resources and support you need to get started on the right foot.


Participants should only start here if you are credit ready, have proper funding or financial backing for your investments.


Cancel Anytime

Plan Features

Services Included:

  • Virtual Investor Orientation

  • Foundations of Real Estate Investing: Building Wealth Through Real Estate Masterclass.

  • Off-market property alerts: 

  • Build your  investor team

  • Use our exclusive ARV investor app

  • Book property tours

  • Access to a network of industry professionals

  • Monthly investor workshops

  • Agent services available; see pricing

Ready to book showings and submit online offers?

Upgrade to

Wealth Builder Complete©

Choose a plan

  • Home Start© Program

    Designed specifically for homebuyers just starting out and those market. First time buyer online education class, access to our credit improvement program, homebuyers budget sheets and more.
    Valid for 3 months
    • Your first step to home ownership!
  • Home Ready© Program

    Want more interactive homebuyers tools and resources? Get access to search for homes, new listing alerts, homeownership budgeting tools, workshops and more!
    Valid for 3 months
    • Perfect for pre approved/cash buyers.
  • Wealth Builder© Program

    The Wealth Builder© Plan is perfect for new investors. With comprehensive training and resources. Save thousands on expensive programs. Get the knowledge and resources you need and affordable prices
    Valid for 3 months
    • Ready to start your wealth building journey?
  • Home Ready Complete©

    Education, Resources and Transaction Services, Perfect for homebuyers looking to purchase one home. From online offers to contract to close. Close your transaction with ease.
    Valid for 3 months
    • Property Tours
    • Virtual Offer Consultation
    • Initial homebuyer consultation
  • Wealth Builder Complete©

    Education, Resources and PLUS Transaction Services. From online offers to contract to close me have you covered. Perfect for investors making multiple offers.
    Valid for 3 months
    • Initial Investor Consultation
    • Property Tours
    • Virtual Offer Consultation
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